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Enterprises are the most common and basic economic organizations in modern society. Enterprise is a concept of historical category. It is a product of the development of social economy to a certain historical stage, and a product of modern socialized production and commodity economy. In the slave economy and feudal society dominated by natural economy, there will be no modern enterprise organization. Only in the capitalist society, the fundamental changes have taken place in the basic economic units of the society because of the rapid development of the productive forces and the extensive development of the commodity economy. With the development of the productive forces, a large number of modern capitalist enterprises have emerged on the basis of the capitalist private ownership of means of production. It provides the capitalists with the most favorable and effective structural conditions and production occasions that constantly squeeze out the surplus value of the proletariat and continue to grab high profits.
Thank you for your attention and support to our engine - driven welding machine and steam - diesel generator set. We are now looking for distributors throughout the country. The following qualifications are as follows: 
 1. Enterprises and institutions with independent legal person qualifications; 
 2, good industry relations and market development capabilities, can successfully achieve the sale of various equipment; 
 3. Relevant electrical industry experience, understand the operation process of the industry; 
 4, it is necessary to provide information: 
    A) unit business license, tax registration certificate; 
    B) unit legal representative ID card or legal person license; 
    C) application unit introduction and relevant advantage description. 
 5. Fill in the application form of distributor as required.
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